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RICOH is not only providing the camera (the hardware) but is also providing an environment for developers to spread new value, brought about by our 360° camera, to everyone in the world. We have released the API and SDK for WebAPI with all RICOH THETA cameras, and provided a development source to remotely control RICOH THETA from a digital device, including smartphone, PC, Mac and single board computer. From RICOH THETA V, to meet various needs, we start using Android™ based operating system to make it possible to develop control function even on the RICOH THETA itself.

Plug-in development

Plug-ins are applications that control functions on the RICOH THETA camera.
Incorporating this into RICOH THETA means that you can use plug-ins when you have a function you want to use before shooting, such as a self-timer.

  • When you want to develop a function that does not depend on the local environment
  • When you want to install a function while there are network restrictions
  • Development of specialized function, which you don’t expect the manufacturer to support
  • When you want to reduce system equipment wherever possible

Supported model:


App development

Mostly used when remotely controlling RICOH THETA.
Which are things that correspond to such as smartphone apps and the RICOH basic app for PC.

  • When you want to control the camera remotely
  • When you want to automatically process images and video after shooting them
  • When you want to handle multiple cameras

Supported model:


RICOH THETA is a device with unlimited potential.
Would you like to try developing a new 360° world?