Accelerate your business with Cloud APIs and Camera SDKs

RICOH Developer Connection provides Cloud APIs and Camera SDKs that help with app development that uses multimedia data.

Cloud APIs

Give your apps a massive advantage by using the powerful and intelligent Cloud APIs. Moreover, using an open source SDKs that is compatible with Cloud APIs supports fast development of Web and mobile apps.

RICOH Visual Recognition API

RICOH Visual Recognition API provides the following features: A feature to detect multiple people in an image, a feature to detect the faces of multiple people in an image, and a feature to compare the people in two images. By using this Cloud API, you can use this advanced recognition feature easily in any application.
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RICOH Live Streaming API

RICOH Live Streaming API is a Cloud API that enables live streaming. By using this Cloud API, you can embed live streaming video and audio functionality into your application. We have created a JavaScript SDK and sample app, so implementation is also easy.
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RICOH Peer-to-Peer Communication API

RICOH Peer-to-Peer Communication API provides a peer-to-peer communication function for your web applications.
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Camera SDKs

Give your apps the functionality to remotely control cameras by using Camera SDKs.


RICOH Camera SDK provides your application to functionality to control DSLR cameras remotely: The function to capture still images and movies, obtain live view, and set camera settings.
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Why don't you select an image and try the person detection feature? This demo was created using Human Detection API.


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