Developing apps for RICOH THETA

Use the API and SDK supplied by Ricoh to develop your own original RICOH THETA apps. Join us in spreading the enjoyment of "spherical" photography around the world.

Suggest new ways to enjoy RICOH THETA

Start developing apps for RICOH THETA on iOS and Android platforms.
Click here for the documents on RICOH THETA API
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Use any of these functions

You can use any of the functions included in the RICOH THETA to develop your own original app.

Shoot spherical images

Shooting with the remote shutter.

Shoot with manual settings

ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation settings.

Shooting spherical videos *

Remote start/stop for video recording (*Supported by RICOH THETA m15 or later)

Control image files on the camera

Acquisition of spherical images, viewing of file lists and deletion.

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