GET /osc/info


Acquires basic information of the camera and supported functions.




Name Type Description
manufacturer String Manufacturer name
model String Model
serialNumber String Serial number
_wlanMacAddress String MAC address of wireless LAN
(RICOH THETA V firmware v2.11.1 or later)
_bluetoothMacAddress String MAC address of Bluetooth
(RICOH THETA V firmware v2.11.1 or later)
firmwareVersion String Firmware version
supportUrl String URL of the support page
gps Boolean Presence of GPS
gyro Boolean Presence of gyroscope
uptime Integer Elapsed time after startup (sec)
api String Array List of supported APIs
endpoints Object Endpoint information (Refer to the next section for details.)
apiLevel Integer Array List of supported APIs
(1: v2.0, 2: v2.1)

endpoints object

Endpoint information

Name Type Description
httpPort Integer Port number for using APIs
httpUpdatesPort Integer Port number for status update check (CheckForUpdates)


Response (for RICOH THETA V)

        "manufacturer": "RICOH",
        "model": "RICOH THETA S",
        "serialNumber": "00001234",
        "firmwareVersion": "1.62",
        "supportUrl": "",
        "apiLevel": [1, 2],
        "endpoints": {
            "httpPort": 80,
            "httpUpdatesPort": 80
        "gps": false,
        "gyro": false,
        "uptime": 67,
        "api": [