GPS location information.

In order to append the location information, this property should be specified by the client.

The current setting can be acquired by camera.getOptions, and it can be changed by camera.setOptions.

Support value

Key Description
lat Latitude (-90.000000 – 90.000000)
When GPS is disabled: 65535
lng Longitude (-180.000000 – 180.000000)
When GPS is disabled: 65535
_altitude Altitude (meters)
When GPS is disabled: 0
_dateTimeZone Location information acquisition time
YYYY:MM:DD hh:mm:ss+(-)hh:mm
hh is in 24-hour time, +(-)hh:mm is the time zone
when GPS is disabled: ““(Null characters)
_datum Geodetic reference
When GPS is enabled: WGS84
When GPS is disabled: ““(Null characters)



    "gpsInfo": {
        "lat": 23.532,
        "lng": 23.532,
        "_altitude": 999.00,
        "_dateTimeZone": "2014:05:18 01:04:29+08:00",
        "_datum": "WGS84"