Still image stitching setting during shooting.

Can be acquired by camera.getOptions and set by camera.setOptions.

Support model

All v3.00.1 or later

Support value

Key Description
auto Automatic
static Performs static stitching
dynamicAuto For Normal shooting, performs dynamic stitching, for Interval shooting, saves dynamic distortion correction parameters for the first image and then uses them for the 2nd and subsequent images
dynamicSave Performs dynamic stitching and then saves distortion correction parameters
dynamicLoad Performs stitching using the saved distortion correction parameters
none Does not perform stitching

For “none”, captured still images are saved in a Dual-Fisheye format. For other than “none”, captured still images are saved in an Equirectangular format.

For Multi-bracketing shooting, Interval composite shooting, and Time shift shooting, shooting is performed using “auto”.