Registers shooting conditions in My Settings.
To adjust the properties, use camera.setOptions.
The properties can be reset to the default values by camera.reset.

Conditions registered in My Settings are updated when the camera is turned on for RICOH THETA V or prior.
Conditions registered in My Settings are updated when switching to My Settings mode for RICOH THETA Z1 or later.

Refer to My Settings in Options Overview for properties which can be set.

Support model

All All v2.30.1 or later v1.10 or later v01.82 or later


Name Type Description
mode String The target shooting mode.
RICOH THETA V firmware v2.30.1 or later.
(“image”: still image capture mode, “video”: video capture)
In RICOH THETA S and SC, do not set then it can be acquired for still image.
options Object Names of the options specified for acquisition in the JSON format and the set of current values.

Note (RICOH THETA V only. Firmware v3.00.1 or later.)

The following persistence options can be set the choice “Do not update My Setting condition on power-on.”
In that case, the camera will start up with the option values stored on turn-off even if another My Setting condition is registered.

Option name Choise “Do not update My Setting condition”
exposureDelay -1
_maxRecordableTime -1
fileFormat {“type”:”jpeg”, “width”:0, “height”:0} (for image mode)
{“type”:”mp4”, “width”:0, “height”:0} (for video mode)
isoAutoHighLimit -1
(RICOH THETA V firmware v3.03.1 or later)



Example (RICOH THETA S or SC)


    "options": {
        "_filter": "Noise Reduction",
        "exposureProgram": 2