Shows the meta information for the specified still image.

Support model

All All v2.00.2 or later


Name Type Description
fileUrl String JPEG file ID


Name Type Description
exif Object EXIF information in JSON format
xmp Object Photo Sphere XMP information in JSON format


Name Type Description
ExifVersion String EXIF Support version
ImageDescription String Title or name
DateTime String Time created or updated
ImageWidth Number Width (px)
RICOH THETA X is not supported
ImageLength Number Height (px)
RICOH THETA X is not supported
ColorSpace Number Color space
Compression Number Compression format
RICOH THETA X is not supported
Orientation Number Image orientation
Flash Number Flash exposure
FocalLength Number Focal length
WhiteBalance Number White balance
ExposureTime Number Exposure time
FNumber Number F number
ExposureProgram Number Exposure program
PhotographicSensitivity Number Shooting sensitivity
ApertureValue Number Aperture value
BrightnessValue Number Brightness value
ExposureBiasValue Number Exposure compensation value
GPSLatitudeRef String Latitudinal direction of movement
GPSLatitude Number Latitude
GPSLongitudeRef String Longitudinal direction of movement
GPSLongitude Number Longitude
Make String Camera manufacturer
Model String Camera model
Software String Firmware software name
Copyright String Copyright


See Photo Sphere XMP Metadata for details on XMP.

Name Type Description
ProjectionType Open Choice of Text Projection type. Google currently only supports equirectangular.
UsePanoramaViewer Boolean Whether to display using the panorama viewer
PoseHeadingDegrees Real Compass heading, for the center the image.
RICOH THETA X is not supported
CroppedAreaImageWidthPixels Integer Width of actual image (px)
CroppedAreaImageHeightPixels Integer Height of actual image (px)
FullPanoWidthPixels Integer Width (px) when the actual image size is based on a panoramic image
FullPanoHeightPixels Integer Height (px) when the actual image size is based on a panoramic image
CroppedAreaLeftPixels Integer Width (px) from the panoramic image of the actual image
CroppedAreaTopPixels Integer Height (px) from the panoramic image of the actual image


This command cannot be executed during video recording.