0xD801 GpsInfo

Device Prop Code



Acquire or set the GPS information.
(Vendor Expansion Properties)

Support value

Current Value formats are as shown below.
If null character is set, the already configured GPS information will be deleted.


Field Value Description
latitude ”{|-}nn.mmmmmm” WGS84 / -90.000000 – 90.000000
longitude ”{|-}nnn.mmmmmm” WGS84 / -180.000000 – 180.000000
altitude ”{+|-}nnnn.mm” Unit: Meters
GPSAltitudeRef 0: Height above sea level 1: Height below sea level
date-time “YYYYMMDDThhmmss{|.s}” DateTime character string
The set value includes a decimal point. It is not included in the read value
timezone ”{+|-}hhmm” or “Z” DateTime character string
The only set value is supported. It is not included in the read value
datum “WGS84” Only WGS84 is supported