0xD80B Filter

Device Prop Code



Acquire or set the image processing filter.
(Vendor Expansion Properties)

The set filter is applied to the still image shooting mode.
It is disabled when interval shooting, interval composite group shooting or multi bracket shooting starts.

When filter is enabled, it takes priority over the exposure program (ExposureProgramMode). Also, when _filter is enabled, the exposure program is set to normal program.

The condition below will result in an error.

  • ImageFormat is RAW+ and Filter is Noise reduction, HDR or Handheld HDR
  • Registers shooting conditions in My Settings is except for Normal shooting and Filter is enabled
  • Access duaring video capture mode

Support value

Value Description
0x00 No filter
0x01 DR compensation
0x02 Noise reduction
0x03 HDR
0x04 Handheld HDR *1

*1 RICOH THETA Z1 firmware v1.20.1 or later and RICOH THETA V firmware v3.10.1 or later