0x99A4 GetAccessPointInfo

Operation Code



Return the detailed access point information used in client mode.
(Vendor Expansion Operations)

Operation Parameters as follows

No. Operation Parameter RICOH THETA Specification
1 AccessPointHandle Access point handle of the target access point
2 Reserved unused
Specify 0x00000000
3 Reserved unused
Specify 0x00000000
4 Reserved unused
Specify 0x00000000
5 Reserved unused
Specify 0x00000000

Support model

All v2.00.2 or later

Support value

The access point information format is predetermined by the following.

<SSID><SSID Stealth><Security><ConnectionPriority><IpAddressAllocation><IPAddress><SubnetMask><DefaultGateway>

Name Size Data Type Description
SSID any String SSID
SSID Stealth 1 UINT8 SSID stealth
(0: Disabled, 1: Enabled)
Security any String Authentication mode
(“none”, “WEP”, “WPA/WPA2 PSK”)
ConnectionPriority 1 UINT8 Connection priority
IpAddressAllocation 1 UINT8 IP address allocation
(0: Dynamic, 1: Static)
IPAddress 4 UINT32 IP address assigned to camera
This can be acquired when IpAddressAllocation is “Static”
SubnetMask 4 UINT32 Subnet mask
This can be acquired when IpAddressAllocation is “Static”
DefaultGateway 4 UINT32 Default gateway
This can be acquired when IpAddressAllocation is “Static”