This page shows you how to make connections with cameras using RICOH Camera USB SDK.


The following classes are used when you make a connection with cameras:


  • The CameraDeviceDetector class includes methods for detecting camera devices which are connected with USBs.


  • The CameraDevice class represents a camera device.
  • This class includes properties and methods for obtaining camera information and operating camera device.

Detect Cameras

Use the Detect to obtain a list of connectable camera devices.
To connect to a camera, you need to detect connectable camera devices first.

DeviceInterface deviceInterface = DeviceInterface.USB;
List<CameraDevice> detectedCameraDevices =

Connect to Camera

Use the Connect method to connect to one of the detected camera devices.

CameraDevice cameraDevice = detectedCameraDevices.First();
Response response = cameraDevice.Connect(deviceInterface);

Disconnect from Camera

Use the Disconnect method to disconnect from the camera.

Response response = cameraDevice.Disconnect(deviceInterface);

Check Connection Status

Use the IsConnected method to check connection status of the camera.

bool isConnected = cameraDevice.IsConnected(deviceInterface);

See Also

  • Events - Describes events such as receiving camera event notifications.