RICOH Visual Recognition API provides the following features: A feature to detect multiple people in an image, a feature to detect the faces of multiple people in an image, and a feature to to compare information on facial features between an individual face in the image and multiple registered face collection. By using this Cloud API, you can use this advanced recognition feature easily in any application.

Human Detection

This API finds people in an image. Even if there are multiple people in the image or their face is not facing the camera, they can be detected.

Face Detection

It finds multiple faces in an image. You can also discover the direction of each face.

Face Recognition

Face data captured in images is converted into facial feature information which can be used for comparison, and the data can be registered in Face Collection. The facial feature information stored in Face Collection is compared with faces in other images, and a score between 0 to 1 is returned for how closely the faces match.




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