If an error occurs when API is called, an error object is included in the response.

Error information from the camera can be acquired by State.

Error object

Error code HTTP
Status code
unknownCommand 400 Invalid command is issued
disabledCommand 403 Command cannot be executed due to the camera status
missingParameter 400 Insufficient required parameters to issue the command
invalidParameterName 400 Parameter name or option name is invalid
invalidParameterValue 400 Parameter value when command was issued is invalid
tooManyParameters 403 Number of parameters exceeds limit
corruptedFile 403 Process request for corrupted file
powerOffSequenceRunning 403 Process request when power supply is off
invalidFileFormat 403 Invalid file format specified
serviceUnavailable 503 Processing requests cannot be received temporarily.
*Please try again after a modest amount of time
canceledShooting 403 Shooting request cancellation of the self-timer.
Returned in Commands/Status of camera.takePicture or camera.startCapture
canceledConversion 403 Converting movie format request cancellation.
Returned in Commands/Status of camera._convertVideoFormats
unexpected 503 Other errors
notFound 404 There is no server or no page corresponding to the address


    "state": "error",
    "error": {
        "code": "unknownCommand",
        "message": "Command executed is unknown."