0xD812 BracketParameters

Device Prop Code



Acquires or sets the multi bracket shooting setting.
(Vendor extension property)

Support model

All All v1.10 or later v01.82 or later

Support value

The multi bracket shooting setting format is a 16-byte array as defined below (AINT128).

For RICOH THETA Z1 and RICOH THETA V firmware v3.00.1 or later

The array size should be 2 to 19.

First element: <ExposureBiasCompensation><ExposureIndex><ShutterSpeed><F-number><ExposureProgramMode>
Second element: <Reserved 96 bits><ColorTemperature><WhiteBalance>

For RICOH THETA V firmware v2.50.1 or prior

The array size should be 2 to 13.

<Reserved 32 bits><ColorTemperature><ExposureIndex><ShutterSpeed>

Field Bit length Description
ColorTemperature 16 bits Color temperature setting
Refer to 0xD813 ColorTemperature for the format.
ExposureIndex 16 bits ISO sensitivity
Refer to 0x500F ExposureIndex for the format.
ShutterSpeed 64 bits Shutter speed
Refer to 0xD00F ShutterSpeed for the format.
ExposureBiasCompensation 16 bits Exposure compensation
Refer to 0x5010 ExposureBiasCompensation for the format.
F-number 16 bits Aperture
Refer to 0x5007 F-Number for the format.
Set 0 for RICOH THETA V.
ExposureProgramMode 16 bits Exposure program
Refer to 0x500E ExposureProgramMode for the format.
WhiteBalance 16 bits White balance
Refer to 0x5005 WhiteBalance for the format.