0x99A9 GetPluginInfo

Operation Code



Return the detailed plugin information.
(Vendor Expansion Operations)

Operation Parameters as follows.

No. Operation Parameter RICOH THETA Specification
1 PluginHandle Plugin handle of the target plugin
2 Reserved unused
Specify 0x00000000
3 Reserved unused
Specify 0x00000000
4 Reserved unused
Specify 0x00000000
5 Reserved unused
Specify 0x00000000

Support model

All v2.21.1 or later

Support value

The plugin information format is predetermined by the following.


Name Size Data Type Description
PluginName any String Plugin name
PackageName any String Package name
Version any String Plugin version
Type 1 UINT8 The kind of application
(0: Pre-installed plugin, 1: User-added plugin)
Running 1 UINT8 Plugin power status
(0: running, 1: stop)
Foreground 1 UINT8 Process status
(0: foreground, 1: background)
Boot 1 UINT8 Boot selection
(0: Target plugin to be started; 1: Do not start this plugin)
Reserved1 1 UINT8 Reserved
Reserved2 any String Reserved
WebServer 1 UINT8 Existence of web server
ExitStatus 1 UINT8 Exit status
(0: seccess, 1: error)
Message any String Message