Plug-in Policy

Plug-in developers seeking to publish plug-ins through the RICOH THETA Plug-in Store must observe the following plug-in policies in order to maintain conditions that facilitate a pleasant user experience for a maximum number of users. Note that these policies are subject to revision without prior announcement and should at regular intervals be checked for changes. Usage of the RICOH THETA Plug-in Store after a policy change will be deemed agreement to abide by the changed policies.

1. Plug-in information

Plug-in developers must clearly state and submit the following information when applying for the publication of a plug-in. This information will be used for plug-in examinations and for aiding users in identifying plug-in content. A plug-in will not be published if this information is insufficient.

  • Name of the plug-in
  • Name of the developer of the plug-in
  • Explanation of the plug-in (If a version upgrade is scheduled or explanatory requirements are prescribed in laws and regulations, etc., the content thereof.) (*) Presentation in English is compulsory, presentation in Japanese is optional.
  • Age restrictions for the plug-in
  • Plug-in-compatible models
  • Plug-in-compatible firmware versions
  • Detailed content of updates and upgrades
  • Indication whether technology content is subject to export control
  • Contact for inquiries from users (Website)

The following are restricted for “RICOH THETA Z1 51GB”, “RICOH THETA X” sold in Japan.

  • Plug-ins operation in the client mode
  • Developing plug-ins

For more details see here

If you are Japan residence and would like to develop plug-in using RICOH THETA Z1 51GB or RICOH THETA X, please see here

2. User experience

Plug-in developers must give consideration to the following points designed to enhance plug-ins’ ease of use.

  • Plug-in functions must be easy to understand.
  • Plug-ins must be consistent with the specifications stated at the time of publication.
  • Plug-ins must be able to be uninstalled and reinstalled without problems.
  • Plug-ins must be operable without undue load on system resources and system performance.
  • Plug-ins must not be enabled to operate in the background.

3. Compatibility with hardware

Given the uniqueness of the RICOH THETA hardware, plug-ins must meet the following hardware requirements.

  • Plug-ins must not exceed a size of 256 MB.
  • Since RICOH THETA V/Z1/X are based on AOSP, plug-ins must not use functions that are premised on Google verification.
  • Plug-ins must not require functions that RICOH THETA does not provide.
  • Developers must use the SDK provided by RICOH for RICOH THETA plug-ins.

4. Safety requirements

Plug-in developers must give full consideration to the following points concerning the safety of users.

  • No plug-ins must be produced that pose a risk of personal injury or damage to goods or property of users and others.
  • Plug-ins must not be allowed to operate dangerous machinery or equipment.
  • No plug-ins must be produced which if used in the proximity of medical devices such as embedded pacemakers, etc., might cause malfunctioning due to electromagnetic interference.

5. Consideration of usage environments

RICOH THETA is an electronic precision device. In addition to the foregoing, the following points concerning usage environments must be taken into consideration.

  • Plug-ins must not require usage in environments outside the temperature range (0 to 40°C) and humidity rage (20 to 80%) of the hardware specifications.
  • Plug-ins must not pre-suppose usage in wet locales such as shower rooms, swimming pools, and shore sides.
  • Plug-ins must not require viewing the sun, etc., through a lens or camera.

6. Security measures

Users’ data are at risk of damage from malicious software such as viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Plug-ins must not transmit functions, items, and data harmful to RICOH THETA users’ devices, apps, and personal information. Specifically the following matters are prohibited. Plug-ins are prohibited from collecting the user information such as information on the location and activities of a user without users’ permission. Plug-ins are prohibited from phishing to acquire credit card information and passwords. Plug-ins are prohibited that contain a function to alter an original system function. Plug-ins are prohibited whose operations have an adverse effect on users’ terminals, software, and network environments. Plug-ins are prohibited from transmitting data and items without users’ permission. Plug-ins are prohibited whose operations cause annoyance such as spamming by repeated mail and data transmissions not intended by users. Developers must check plug-ins for viruses using virus detection software when applying for publication of a plug-in. As part of measures for protecting against vulnerabilities from plug-ins, plug-in developers must observe security best practices for Android apps such as the “Security tips” in Google’s security and privacy best practices.

7. Protection of privacy

Plug-in developers must pay maximum attention to the protection of users’ privacy. In case personal information of users is collected, users must be notified of the content of the collected personal information (such as users’ location information and usage behavior, etc.) and the purpose of use, and users’ permission must be obtained in advance. No personal information must be collected from users beyond the range permitted in the RICOH THETA Plug-in User Privacy Statement. Likewise, personal information of users may be used for no purposes other than permitted by users. It is categorically prohibited to publish or disclose credit card information, address information, telephone numbers, and other not publicly available personal information and confidential information without the permission of users. It is also prohibited to associate information of any kind to information which thereby enables the identification of individuals.

8. Protection of intellectual property rights

It is prohibited to infringe on intellectual property rights (patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights, design rights, and other rights and confidential information) of another or to aid or abet such infringement. Since an infringement might be deemed present also in the case of plug-ins that are similar but not identical to a plug-in developed by others, developers’ full attention is required.

9. Posing as a different person and false statements

It is prohibited to pose as a different person. This includes action pretending that a plug-in was developed by a third party and behavior where the user through a plug-in pretends to be a third party. The following actions are categorically prohibited as forms of posing as a different person.

  • Posing as a person other than the plug-in user
  • Conducting oneself as a person other than the plug-in developer It is prohibited to direct a user to a false website by posing as a fictitious provider of plug-ins and services.

It is prohibited to offer functions and services contravening the laws and regulations. The distribution or use of plug-ins may become the subject of import and export control laws and regulations of Japan, the US, and the jurisdiction where a developer is a resident. A developer must abide by all import and export control laws and regulations applicable to the distribution or use of a developer’s app. These laws and regulations include restrictions on shipment destinations, users, and final application for use. A developer must without omission write down also all items whose declaration is prescribed in laws and regulations, etc.

11. Contents policies

The contents policies of RICOH THETA are applicable also to apps and plug-ins containing advertisement and contents targeting users. Moreover, the policies apply to any and all contents from a developer account including a developer’s name and website page published at the RICOH THETA Plug-in Store. Explicit sexual representations: The RICOH THETA Plug-in Store prohibits plug-ins containing nudity, depictions of sexual acts, and other explicit sexual imagery. Images of sexual child abuse are categorically prohibited. A plug-in found to contain inappropriate sexual content is subject to compulsory deletion from the RICOH THETA Plug-in Store. If a plug-in is found to contain an image of sexual child abuse, the developer will be notified that the matter will be reported to the relevant authorities, and the account of the developer will be deleted. Violence and bullying: The RICOH THETA Plug-in Store prohibits contents annoying to other users including representations of groundless violence and promotion of bullying. Gambling: The RICOH THETA Plug-in Store prohibits plug-ins promoting online gambling, prize money, and other rewards. Acts of terrorism: The RICOH THETA Plug-in Store prohibits plug-ins that aid acts of terrorism and violence. Expressions of discrimination or contempt: The RICOH THETA Plug-in Store prohibits plug-ins that contain discriminatory expressions based on race, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual leaning, or homosexuality. Politics, religion, and race: The RICOH THETA Plug-in Store prohibits plug-ins containing expressions of ridicule directed at a political party, person, or political organization. Also prohibited are plug-ins that promote human rights violation or religious repression. Drugs: The RICOH THETA Plug-in Store prohibits plug-ins that describe the sale, purchase, manufacture, or use of substances categorized as prohibited toxic substance or illegal drug.

The RICOH THETA Plug-in Store will refuse publication if a plug-in breaches a provision of the policies set out in the foregoing. If a breach is discovered after a plug-in is published, publication will be terminated and the account will be deleted. Irrespective of compliance with these regulations, a plug-in will be denied publication if it is prone to crashing or abnormal termination while in operation.

Plug-in developers are requested to re-read together with these RICOH THETA Plug-in Policies the Terms of Use for RICOH THETA Plug-in Developers and the RICOH THETA Plug-in Store Privacy Policies.