Auto Bracket






Acquires and sets the bracketing settings.

Value Fields

Name Type Description
Number of Bracket Shots sint8 Number of shots in multi bracketing.
2 to 13 (RICOH THETA V firmware v2.50.1 or prior), 2 to19 (RICOH THETA Z1 and RICOH THETA V firmware v3.00.1 or later).

Requests for data in the following format for the number of bracket shots.

For RICOH THETA Z1 and V firmware v3.00.1 or later

<Exposure Program><Aperture><Shutter Speed><ISO><Exposure Compensation><White Balance><Color Temperature>

For RICOH THETA V firmware v2.50.1 or prior

<ISO><Shutter Speed><Color Temperature>

Name Type Note
ISO sint16
Shutter Speed sint8
Color Temperature sint16
Exposure Program sint8
Aperture sint8 Set 0 for RICOH THETA V.
Exposure Compensation sint8
White Balance sint8


Property Requirement
Read Mandatory
Write Mandatory
Notify Excluded