Authorization API

OAuth 2.0 is the protocol that allows your application or your application users to access RICOH Cloud API services. Every use of RICOH Cloud API services requires authorization for the service. This page shows the difference among supported authorization types and their common usage.


Authorization Type

RICOH Cloud API supports OAuth 2.0 authorization flows.

You need to use the flow required by the service you wish to use. Check out the following table to understand which flow you need to choose:

RICOH Cloud API Service Grant Type
Visual Recognition API Client Credentials Grant
Image Processing API Client Credentials Grant
Live Streaming API Client Credentials Grant
Peer-to-Peer Communication API Authorization Code Grant
Messaging API Authorization Code Grant

Service Code

During authorization process, you need a service code. You can learn how to use one in Client Credentials Grant or Authorization Code Grant. All RICOH Cloud API services have their own service codes:

RICOH Cloud API Service Service Code
Visual Recognition API > Human Detection
Visual Recognition API > Face Detection
Visual Recognition API > Face Recognition
Image Processing API > Image Filtering
Live Streaming API
Peer-to-Peer Communication API turn.api.rioch/v1/turn
Messaging API

The format of service codes is <domain name>/<version>/<service name>.

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