Utilize your multimedia data with RICOH Cloud API, a variety of REST APIs to improve your applications. You can integrate those APIs into your applications quickly and easily.

To use RICOH Cloud API, you need a RICOH Account. If you do not have any, see Get Started for detailed instructions to create one. Also each API page has its own Quick Start, which shows how to get started with the API.

Cognitive APIs

Cognitive APIs contain the following APIs to deliver RICOH’s best AI technologies. Visual Recognition API supports Human Detection, Face Detection and Face Recognition.

Image Processing APIs

Image Processing APIs provide basic functionality for images.

Communication APIs

Communication APIs contain the following APIs to facilitate live streaming on your WebRTC applications. Messaging API offers signaling function. Live Streaming API enables your applications to create multiple streams via server. Also, Peer-to-Peer Communication API supports STUN and TURN to make communication over NATs possible


RICOH Cloud API offers examples of working code which you can run to learn how it works.

SDKs & Tools

RICOH Cloud API also offers open source SDKs and tools to accelerate application development.

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