Live View

This page shows how to obtain live view of connected camera devices using RICOH Camera Wireless SDK.


The following protocols and classes are used when you obtain live view:


  • The CameraEventListener protocol is a event listener which receives notifications from camera devices.


  • The CameraDevice protocol represents a camera device.
  • This protocol include methods for obtaining camera information and operating camera device.

Set up Live View Event

To start live view, override the virtual method liveViewFrameUpdated included in the CameraEventListener protocol with the user-defined derived class.
JPEG data is streamed all the time, which keeps calling liveViewFrameUpdated.

class UserEventListener: CameraEventListener {
    // Display liveViewFrame in imageView
    func liveViewFrameUpdated(sender: CameraDevice, liveViewFrame: Data) {
        let image = UIImage(data: liveViewFrame)
        imageView.image = image

Start Live View

Use the startLiveView to start live view.

let cameraEventListener = EventListener()
cameraDevice.addEventListener(listener: cameraEventListener)
let response = cameraDevice.startLiveView()

Stop Live View

Use the stopLiveView to stop live view.

let response = cameraDevice.stopLiveView()

See Also

  • Events - Describes events such as liveViewFrameUpdated.