Camera Information

This page shows you how to obtain camera information using RICOH Camera Wireless SDK.


The following interfaces and classes are used when you obtain camera information:


  • The CameraDevice interface represents a camera device.
  • This interface includes methods for obtaining camera information and operating camera device.


  • The CameraStatus interface represents camera status.

Obtain Camera Information

Use CameraDevice’s methods to obtain camera information such as model name and firmware version.

// Manufacturer Name
String manufacturer = cameraDevice.getManufacturer();
// Model Name
String model = cameraDevice.getModel();
// Firmware Version
String firmwareVersion = cameraDevice.getFirmwareVersion();
// Serial Number
String serialNumber = cameraDevice.getSerialNumber();

Obtain Camera Status

Use CameraStatus’s method to obtain camera status such as charge level.

// Battery Level(%)
int batteryLevel = cameraDevice.getStatus().getBatteryLevel();