Movie Capture

This page shows how to capture movies with connected camera device using RICOH Camera USB SDK.

In order to capture movie, the following preparations are required.

  • Insert the SD card in the camera body
  • Operate the camera body to set the movie mode

For devices that support to capture movie, please refer to Appendix.


The following classes are used when you capture movie:


  • The CameraDevice class represents a camera device.
  • This class includes properties and methods for obtaining camera information and operating camera device.

Start Capture Movie

Use the StartCapture method to start movie capturing.

StartCaptureResponse startCaptureResponse = cameraDevice.StartCapture();
if (startCaptureResponse.Result == Result.OK)
    Console.WriteLine("Capturing has started. Capture ID: {0}",
    Console.WriteLine("Capturing is FAILED. detail: {0}",

Stop Capture Movie

Use the StopCapture method to stop movie capturing.

Response response = cameraDevice.StopCapture();
Console.WriteLine("StopCapture is " +
   (response.Result == Result.OK ? "SUCCEED." : "FAILED."));

How to Focus and Capture, How to Check Capture Status, How to Obtain Captured Image process is the same as Still Image Capture.

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