RICOH Camera USB SDK for C++  1.1.0
RICOH Camera USB SDK for C++
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Ricoh::CameraController::StillImageCaptureFormat Class Reference

The class for setting of recording formats. More...

#include <ricoh_camera_sdk/still_image_capture_format.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 StillImageCaptureFormat ()
 Constructs an object not having a value. More...
 ~StillImageCaptureFormat ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ricoh::CameraController::CaptureSetting
virtual ~CaptureSetting ()=default
virtual bool operator== (const CaptureSetting &obj) const
virtual bool operator!= (const CaptureSetting &obj) const
virtual const std::string & getName () const
 Returns the name of the setting. More...
virtual const CaptureSettingValuegetValue () const
 Returns the value of a setting. More...
virtual void setValue (std::unique_ptr< CaptureSettingValue > &&value)
 Sets the value of a setting. More...
virtual const std::vector< const CaptureSetting * > & getAvailableSettings () const
 Returns the valid settings that varies depending on the state and setting of the camera device. More...
virtual std::string toString () const

Static Public Attributes

static const StillImageCaptureFormatJPEG
static const StillImageCaptureFormatPEF
static const StillImageCaptureFormatDNG
static const StillImageCaptureFormatPEFAndJPEG
static const StillImageCaptureFormatDNGAndJPEG
static const StillImageCaptureFormatTIFF

Detailed Description

The class for setting of recording formats.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ricoh::CameraController::StillImageCaptureFormat::StillImageCaptureFormat ( )

Constructs an object not having a value.

Ricoh::CameraController::StillImageCaptureFormat::~StillImageCaptureFormat ( )

Member Data Documentation

const StillImageCaptureFormat* Ricoh::CameraController::StillImageCaptureFormat::DNG
const StillImageCaptureFormat* Ricoh::CameraController::StillImageCaptureFormat::DNGAndJPEG
const StillImageCaptureFormat* Ricoh::CameraController::StillImageCaptureFormat::JPEG
const StillImageCaptureFormat* Ricoh::CameraController::StillImageCaptureFormat::PEF
const StillImageCaptureFormat* Ricoh::CameraController::StillImageCaptureFormat::PEFAndJPEG
const StillImageCaptureFormat* Ricoh::CameraController::StillImageCaptureFormat::TIFF

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