RICOH Camera USB SDK for C++  1.1.0
RICOH Camera USB SDK for C++
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Ricoh::CameraController::CameraImageList Class Referenceabstract

The list of CameraImage. More...

#include <ricoh_camera_sdk/camera_image_list.hpp>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~CameraImageList ()=default
virtual std::shared_ptr< const CameraImageget (size_t index) const =0
 Returns CameraImage of the specified index. More...
virtual size_t size () const =0
 Returns the number of elements. More...
virtual std::unique_ptr< const CameraImageListclone () const =0
 Creates and returns a copy of image list. More...

Detailed Description

The list of CameraImage.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Ricoh::CameraController::CameraImageList::~CameraImageList ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::unique_ptr<const CameraImageList> Ricoh::CameraController::CameraImageList::clone ( ) const
pure virtual

Creates and returns a copy of image list.

The copied image list
virtual std::shared_ptr<const CameraImage> Ricoh::CameraController::CameraImageList::get ( size_t  index) const
pure virtual

Returns CameraImage of the specified index.

indexThe index in list.
Camera image
virtual size_t Ricoh::CameraController::CameraImageList::size ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the number of elements.

The number of elements

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